Chunnel - take The Chunnel from England to France

Chunnel is the short name often used for the Channel Tunnel. The Chunnel runs from Folkestone in the south of England, to Calais in northern France.

Using the Chunnel

The Chunnel can be used by anyone wanting to cross the Channel quickly and easily. Chunnel crossings are operated by 2 companies - Eurotunnel and Eurostar.

Chunnel Crossing by Car or Motorbike

It is not possible to drive a car or motorcycle through the Chunnel. Motorists and motorcyclists must use the car train service, whereby you drive your car or motorbike onto the Euro Shuttle train, which then takes you through the Chunnel. There's no need to get out of your car, and the journey is over in just 35 minutes. Eurotunnel trains operate from the Channel Tunnel terminals at Folkestone and Calais. These trains carry cars, coaches, motorbikes, lorries and bicycles through the Chunnel. If you are taking your car and prefer to take the Chunnel rather than a ferry, then see the Eurotunnel site here

Chunnel Crossing as a Passenger

Eurostar operate the passenger trains the run from London St Pancras, Ashford and Ebbsfleet in England, throught the Chunnel, and then direct to Paris, Brussels, Lille or Eurodisney and beyond. Eurostar services are for passengers (and luggage) only, and are not for motorists. Tickets can be bought through the official Eurostar webssite. Click here for prices and booking for Eurostar...


Fares for the Chunnel trains operated by Eurotunnel are usually per car, not per passenger. So you can take all the family and luggage you need for a long trip without paying any extra fee, so long as it all fits legally in your vehicle. Chunnel fares for cars are comparable to the ferry Channel crossing fares.


Eurostar fares can start at around £39 from London, depending on availability, class, time and day you travel. Sometimes even cheaper bargains can be found, so look out for the special offers. Again, the cheapest fares can be found if you book in advance. See the Eurostar site here.

Chunnel Passenger Trains

Travel Through the Chunnel

The Chunnel is the link between England and France. It is a tunnel under the English Channel, where trains carry passengers, cars, motorbikes, coaches etc through the Channel Tunnel. Cars can not be driven through the Chunnel.

There are 2 types of trains running through the Chunnel - Eurostar and Eurotunnel trains.

Eurostar Trains through the Chunnel

The Eurostar is the passenger train, and runs between London St Pancras station, Ashford and Ebbsfleet in England, to Paris or Brussels, as well as other destinations in France, such as Lille, Euro Disney Paris and Avignon, and onward destinations across Europe. This is perfect for business travellers, those without large amounts of luggage, and those aiming to enjoy a city break holiday.

Eurotunnel Trains through the Chunnel

The other trains using the Chunnel link are operated by Eurotunnel. These trains run between Folkestone and Calais. The Chunnel Trains, sometimes called Euro Shuttle Trains, or just Le Shuttle, are built to carry cars, motorbikes, and a range of other road vehicles. The Chunnel trains are the fastest way to make a Channel crossing. Eurotunnel journey times are only 35 minutes (a ferry typically takes around 90 minutes).

The Euro Shuttle trains are also known as "car trains". Boarding with your car on these Chunnel trains is very straightforward - it's as simple as "drive on drive off". You drive your car onto the Chunnel train rather like you would drive onto a ferry. Once your car is safely on board, you can sit in your car or take a quick stroll (or visit the Chunnel train toilets). Once the Chunnel train reaches Calais, disembarking is just as easy, and the main French road network is almost directly at the Calais Chunnel terminal. The Chunnel terminals at Calais in France and Folkestone in UK are modern and efficient. It is easy to drive to and from either by car. The Folkestone terminal is on the M20 motorway, and Calais is very close to the French A16 Motorway.