Chunnel Crossings

Chunnel Crossing by Car

Chunnel crossings offer the quickest way to get from England to France in your car.  The Chunnel crossing uses speedy trains specially designed to take cars, motorbikes and other vehicles. You simply drive on and drive off. The Chunnel crossing takes just 35 minutes from Folkestone to Calais. This almost 1 hour quicker than a typical ferry crossing.

"The Chunnel crossing is the motorist's choice. Just 35 minutes to cross the Channel."

Chunnel crossing trains are operated by Eurotunnel. Prices are a bit more expensive than the ferries and start at £49 per car. Click for more info on booking by Eurotunnel....

Chunnel Crossing as a Passenger

If you aren't taking the car, then you should consider travelling direct from central with Eurostar. These passenger trains leave from London St Pancras, Ashford and Ebbsfleet and there's a choice of destinations, including Lille, Paris, Brussels and more. Visit Voyages SNCF, the official distribution channel of the French railways for more information on prices, trains and deals for Eurostar.


Chunnel Crossing by Motorbike

Taking the Chunnel crossing by motorbike is a dream. The Chunnel trains have special sections designed to take motorbikes. Just like with a car, you simply drive on and drive off. Unlike with a ferry, you can stay by your bike if you wish, although it is possible to walk around the Chunnel trains if you want to stretch your legs. You can also use the toilets on board. Better still, prices for motorbikes are usually around half the price of a Chunnel train ticket for a car. Click for more info on prices and booking the Eurotunnel...

Why the Chunnel Crossing is the best way to cross the Channel:

  • The Chunnel crossing with the Eurotunnel car train is the quickest way to cross the Channel.
  •  The Chunnel crossing is also one of the most relaxing crossings you can make by car.
  • Boarding is quick and easy.
  • The Chunnel terminals are directly at the main French and English motorway systems.
  • Chunnel crossings are never affected by the weather, so you can be sure you won't have an unpleasant crossing on rough seas.

Chunnel crossing with Eurotunnel Car trains - how it works

The Chunnel (or Channel Tunnel) is the tunnel linking England and France. However, it is not possible to drive your car through the tunnel. Chunnel crossings are done using special "Car trains". But using the Chunnel is very easy. You simply drive your car on to the Chunnel train, enjoy the 35 minute crossing, then drive off when the train arrives in Calais. Alternatively, if you aren't taking the car, Eurostar run the passenger train services from central London to Paris or Brussels.

The Chunnel trains are fast, and take thousands of cars (and their passengers) between England and France via the Chunnel every day. The trains arrive and depart from the Channel Tunnel terminals in Folkestone and Calais. The terminals were purpose built for quick and easy transportation. Both are very easy to get to by car. Folkestone is on the M20 motorway in Kent, and Calais is very close to the A16 Motorway in France.

Boarding with your car on one of the Chunnel trains is quick and easy. It's rather like boarding a small ferry. Once through the check-in at the Channel Tunnel terminal, you drive your car up a ramp and onto the train, parking it as far along the train and near to the next car as you can (see video clip below). There are 2 decks on the trains, and you will be directed by staff on to the correct ramp to take you to the upper or lower deck. Upper decks are sometimes closed during quieter trips. Once the car is parked safely, you simply let the train do the work, and relax for the 35 minute journey. You can stay in the car, or stretch your legs and walk around, and of course use the train toilets.

Once the train arrives drive your car and disembarkation to the main French road network is smooth and efficient. Once the Channel Tunnel train has delivered you safely to France, you simply drive off the train and directly on to the French road network./

To get an idea of how boarding and check-in for the Chunnel works, see this useful and informative videos below, made by Chunnel travellers:


Disembarking the Chunnel Train at Calais and straight on to the French road network:


The Chunnel crossing is the fastest way for motorists to cross the Channel. The Chunnel crossing journey is just 35 minutes. The Chunnel fares structure offers great value, with cheaper fares when you plan ahead and travel at quieter times. There are no fuel supplements and no luggage restrictions! It certainly is  the hassle-free way to travel. Click to book your Chunnel Crossing...