Chunnel deals

Eurotunnel deals with your car

If you are looking for the best Chunnel deals when taking your car to France, the are 2 main rules to finding the cheapest fares:

  • Avoid travelling at peak times. The Chunnel fares are cheaper on the trains at quieter times, such as early morning, or late at night. This can be the best time to travel anyway, as the roads in England and France will be quieter and help make your journey quicker. If you must travel at peak times, try to make it for one journey only, for example if your outward journey has to be around lunch time, then perhaps aim to book an off-peak train for your return journey. Click here to book your Chunnel ticket...
  • Book as far in advance as possible. Of course you can book close to the time of your journey and still get a ticket. But this usually means that you will be charged a much higher price. Click here to book in advance...

Compare all prices - ferries and Chunnel with our Ferry Price Comparison engine here. This way you can avoid booking fees or travel agents' fees. You will also find the biggest choice of fares and times available, and compare Chunnel prices with other Channel crossings, such as Sea France and P&O Ferries.

If you are looking for the best deals for the Eurostar passenger train from London to Paris and beyond, then see our Eurostar page, or visit visit Voyages SNCF - the official distribution channel of the French railways direct.



Chunnel Deals by Car

How motorists can find the best Chunnel deals

There are lots of Chunnel ticket options to choose from when you take the Chunnel train. But there is one simple rule for getting the best deals: book in advance and travel at a quieter time

There are several different Eurotunnel fares available. Below is a summary of the ways you can get the best Chunnel deals:

Eurotunnel Standard Fares
The standard fare for the Eurotunnel trains starts at £49 per car for a single journey. You can buy 2 Standard Fare singles to make up a round trip. The cheapest prices are only available for the off peak travel times. Peak times are always more expensive.

Eurotunnel FlexiPlus Fares
A FlexiPlus Fare allows you to arrive at the departure terminal early (or late!) and still travel on the next available departing train. You can amend your FlexiPlus ticket at no extra cost. A FlexiPlus ticket also means you can use the Check-in lounge facilities and priority boarding. It is possible to combine fares and buy a Standard fare ticket for one journey and a FlexiPlus Fare for the other journey. This is usually appreciated by weary travellers for the return journey after a long time travelling along the French motorways. Should you arrive early, you can still hop on the next available train. Also, should you hit traffic, or get delayed for some reason, a FlexiPlus fare means you needn't stress about missing your train.

Compare Prices
Compare ferry and Chunnel prices in one go here. This site will be able to find you all the best deals in one go, so you can find the right tickets for your journey. All fares include tax, and unlike some budget airlines, there are no baggage restrictions or charges for extra luggage. If it legally fits in the car, it's OK to go on the train.  Also remember, the price of your ticket is per car, no matter how many people travel with you. For the best Chunnel deals click here....