Chunnel Train

Chunnel trains for cars runs from Folkestone in Kent to Calais in northern France, in about 35 minutes. During normal times, there are around 37 trains from Folkestone to France per day. Click for more info on Chunnel tickets...

Chunnel Tunnel trains for passengers are operated by Eurostar and run from London, Ashford and Ebbsfleet to Paris, Lille, Brussels and beyond. The train from London to Paris takes just over 2 hours, and from London to Brussels 1 hour 50 minutes. For more about Eurostar booking and fares, see Voyages SNCF - the official distribution channel of the French railways...


Chunnel Trains - Eurotunnel is the motorists' choice for Channel crossing

The Chunnel trains have been specially designed with the car driver in mind. The trains have plenty of space to easily  "drive on, drive off", have lots of lighting and easy to use ramps to get your car onto the train.

Chunnel train check-in is very quick, but it's best to have your ticket booked in advance to avoid any waiting.

"Easy check-in, easy boarding. Just a 35 minute journey and you are right on the main road networks.  Making a Channel crossing couldn't be easier"

There are plenty of other ways to make a Channel crossing, but the Chunnel is by far the fastest. Journey crossing times are just 35 minutes (the average ferries take almost 1 hour longer). Once the Chunnel train has arrived in France, you just drive off the train and directly on to the main French road network.

About the Channel Tunnel Train

Boarding the Chunnel train

The Channel Tunnel provides the link between UK and France. Using the Channel Tunnel train with your car couldn't be easier. The Channel Tunnel trains are super fast car train taking thousands of passengers and their cars between England and France via the Channel Tunnel every day.

Chunnel trains by Car - boarding

Getting you car on one of the trains is quick and easy. It's a bit like boarding a small ferry. Drive your car up the ramp and onto the train, parking it as far along the train as you can, and near to the next car  (see video clip below). There are 2 decks on the Chunnel trains, and you will be directed by staff on to the correct ramp to take you to the upper or lower deck. Upper decks are sometimes closed during quieter trips. Once the car is parked safely, relax and enjoy the 35 minute journey. You can stay in the car, or stretch your legs and walk around, and of course use the train toilets.

Below is a video demonstrating how easy it is to board the Chunnel trains by car:


Note that in the video clip above, the car boards an empty train, and parks far along the train carriage as possible. Later boarders won't need to drive as far along the train

Chunnel trains by Motorbike - Boarding

Using the channel tunnel to get to France by motorbike is just as easy as it is for cars. The Chunnel trains are simple to board, and once your motorbike is parked on the train, all you need do is relax and enjoy the 35 minute trip under the Channel.

Below is a video demonstrating how easy it is to board the Chunnel trains by motorbike:



Making a Chunnel Crossing - the weather

There's never any need to worry about the weather for your Channel crossing if you are using the Chunnel. The Chunnel trains run whatever the weather, unlike the ferries. You won't have their trip ruined should the weather turn nasty. The Chunnel trains are a real bonus for sufferers of sea sickness – the Chunnel trains offer a smooth ride, no matter how big the waves in the Channel!

Times of the Chunnel Tunnel train for cars

During normal times, the Chunnel trains run almost 24 hours a day, starting with the first train at around 1.30am in the morning, and the last train at around 11.30pm at night. At peak times there are up to 4 trains per hour. Chunnel trains for cars are great value for money and are comparable to the prices of Channel ferries. Booking your Chunnel tickets couldn't be easier. Compare prices and book here...

Chunnel train terminals

The Channel Tunnel terminals are at Folkestone and Calais. They are purpose built for modern travel and transportation and are very easy to find and get to for motorists. Folkestone is on the M20 motorway in Kent, and has it's own motorway junction. The Calais terminal is very close to the A16 Motorway in France, which will lead you on to all the major routes for France and the continent.


Thanks to the Chunnel trains, you can cross the Channel without even leaving your car. Once you've boarded the train, sit back and relax. There are toilets on board, even a radio station with all the latest news and travel. Drive your car off at Calais, and straight on to the French road network at the A16 Motorway, refreshed and ready for your onward journey.  You'll be glad you took the Chunnel train.